Fuel Smart Telematics

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What is Fuel Smart Telematics?

IE Haulier uses the most up-to-date telematics to help you get the best results for driver behaviour and your fuel economy. Fuel Smart provides details of fuel consumption and engine use straight from CAN bus data with comprehensively detailed reports to show exactly where driving is effecting your vehicle’s mpg.

Improve fuel economy and engine performance across your whole fleet

With an individuals driving behaviour having the biggest effect on the output of a vehicle, the statistics of all your drivers can be viewed per journey, league tables and scorecards can be generated to help manage improvements in an easy to use format.

We’re also that confident Fuel Smart will help save money on fuel and improve the efficiency of your fleet, we’re offering you a free trial of our system!

Improve fuel performance

With IE Haulier Fuel Smart you can improve your fuel performance across your entire fleet.

Fuel Smart Features

Miles Per Gallon

With accurate MPG details broken down by journey, you can maximise the efficiency of your fleet by forecasting fuel spends and costs breakdowns for each job.

Driver Behaviour

Monitor harsh braking, acceleration and over-revving to ensure vehicles are operated safely and efficiently with our telematics.

CO2 Output

Easily analyse current CO2 performance for compliance and manage driver scores for better fuel economy and reductions on your fleet’s CO2 emissions.

Power Take Off

Accurately see how much engine power is used and the idle time spent by PTO for all vehicles.

Driver League Tables

Put drivers into order of performance based on driving behaviours and efficiency, collecting data via the driver card or fob for vehicles used by more than one driver.

Digi-Tacho Integration

Have visibility of tacho work state and any changes, along with up to date drive time to allow you to understand and plan drivers’ hours more accurately.

Fuel Consumption

See the total fuel used daily, weekly, monthly or according to each journey to gauge vehicle performance, helping you to identify faults and manage costs.

Fuel Level

Reports on any changes in fuel level, both up and down, enable you to have complete visibility.


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Regardless of which solution you are looking at for your fleet, we are happy to let you try it before you buy it.

You can see how easy it is to track your assets and see the savings that can be made when monitoring driver behaviour and fuel usage. You can even see how efficient the remote download solution is with live drive and how much time it could save you.

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