What is Track Smart TrailerSmart™?

For complete control of your assets

IE Haulier’s TrailerSmart™ – trailer tracking and management solutions do more than just track the GPS Location of your trailers. We provide tailor-made solutions that work with your business needs to maximise productivity and efficiency, in turn minimising running costs and increasing profits. As well as giving you the location, speed & journey reports of all your trailers, we can also report on? the utilisation, cabin temperature (we even allow you to remotely control the temperature in the cab), weight and weight changes, doors opening and even service intervals of your trailer fleet.

Take control of your assets and manage costs easily with IE Haulier’s TrailerSmart™ – trailer tracking, powered by TrailerMatics.

Track your trailers

With IE Haulier TrailerSmart™ you can track your trailers where they go in the UK.

TrailerSmart™ Tracking Features

Trailer Tracking

GPS signal gives you complete clarity on the location of your trailers

Temperature Control

Ideal for food and perishable goods, temperature-controlled trailers can regulate multiple temperatures in different areas of the trailer. For instance, an ambient temperature can be controlled at the front and a chilled temperature at the back

Load Weight

Know exactly how much weight you are carrying in your trailer


Receive alerts or notifications if the environment within your trailer changes, for example an increase or a drop in temperature


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Regardless of which solution you are looking at for your fleet, we are happy to let you try it before you buy it.

You can see how easy it is to track your assets and see the savings that can be made when monitoring driver behaviour and fuel usage. You can even see how efficient the remote download solution is with live drive and how much time it could save you.

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