What is Track Smart Fleet Tracking?

Our GPS enabled fleet tracking devices allow for simple to use, easy and efficient organisation and management for a wide variety of industries and businesses.

Regardless of the size of your fleet and the types of vehicles you run, you will be absolutely sure of where and when all of your vehicles are operating. Track Smart uses the very latest functionalities in vehicle and fleet tracking, while getting updates every 60 seconds to keep you up-to-date with key information.

Keeping track of your vehicles can be hard, so let IE Haulier offer a hand.

Track your vehicles

With IE Haulier TrackSmart™ you can track your vehicles wherever they go in Ireland.

Track Smart Features

Powered by Google Maps

Track Smart supports integration with the web’s most comprehensive mapping solution, which will also account for real-time updates on traffic.

Satellite Images

Using a bird’s-eye view for planning routes can identify potential obstacles in unfamiliar areas, like differing building & terrains positions.

Street View

Zoom in on specific routes & points for street level views to avoid low bridges & ensure routes obey traffic flow systems.


Gain real-time alerts for vehicles moving in & out of specified areas, & ensure drivers stay on track to arrive in time & at destinations.

Points of Interest

Bookmark commonly used locations like depots & regular customers, as well as suitable filling stations.

Time on Site

Using location & time-stamping, identify the times vehicles spend on site to keep track of schedule & highlight any irregularities.

Unauthorised Use

Record personal hours & mileage of drivers to ensure vehicles are only used for authorised purposes.


Keep a check on vehicles complying with road traffic laws, & keep your business away from disrepute.

GPS Journey

Live-track vehicles ? pinpointing speeds & present location on the the road ? to analyse performance of current jobs.

Movement Alerts

Receive notifications when vehicles are moving slowly or stationary, for example, stuck in prolonged traffic.

Panic Alerts

For jobs where the security of driver or high-value goods is paramount, “panic-button” activation immediately alerts managers of drivers at risk.

Service Alerts

Set up text or email alerts for when component failure is detected or receive reminders when regular maintenance is required.


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Regardless of which solution you are looking at for your fleet, we are happy to let you try it before you buy it.

You can see how easy it is to track your assets and see the savings that can be made when monitoring driver behaviour and fuel usage. You can even see how efficient the remote download solution is with live drive and how much time it could save you.

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